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There are around 10 million speakers of Catalan. Although it is a minority language, it has a wide geographical spread. It is spoken over an area of more than 60,000 square kilometers, including Catalonia (from where it originated) and the Balearic Islands (Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera).

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Catalan holiday phrases ordered by topic.

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Sample text in Catalan

A sample of Catalan text taken from the beginning of Little Prince.

El petit princep

Quan tenia sis anys, una vegada vaig veure un dibuix magnífic en un llibre sobre la selva verge que es deia Històries viscudes. Representava una boa empassant-se una fera. Aquí teniu la còpia del dibuix.

When I was six years old I saw, once, a magnificent image, in a book on the Rain forest called "Lived Stories". It represented a boa snake swallowing a beast. Here is the copy of the drawing.

The Lords prayer in Catalan

Pare Nostra

Pare nostra del cel,
sigui santificat el teu nom;
vingui el teu Regne;
faci’s la teva voluntat,
com al cel,
així també a la terra.
Dóna’ns avui el nostre pa de cada dia;
i perdona’ns les nostres ofenses,
com també nosaltres hem perdonat els qui ens ofenen;
i no deixis que caiguem en la temptació,
ans deslliura’ns del Maligne.

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Catalan grammar

These sentences illustrate some Catalan grammatical points.

Days of the week, Possesives. 1, Possesives. 2, Time related phrases.


How much, What and why, When and who, Where.


Estar, Fer, Future tense , Modal verbs, Past tense 1, Past tense 2, Past tense 3, Past tense 4, Ser (examples).

Catalan holiday Phrases

A few first words. 1, A few first words. 2, A few first words. 3, Bathroom. Items, Bedroom. Items, Buying things. 1, Buying things. 2, Buyings things. Useful words, Countries, Communication problems, Conversation. Introductions, Conversation. Small talk. 1, Conversation. Small talk. 2, Conversation. Small talk. 3, Conversation. Small talk. 4, Conversation. Small talk. 5, Conversation. Small talk. Sport, Conversation. Small talk. The weather, Days. General, Days of the week, Describing things. Colours, Describing things. Adjectives, Directions. 1, Directions. 2, Eating items, Eating phrases. 1, Eating phrases. 2, Emergencies, Family, Food and drink. General phrases, Food and drink. At the bar or café. 1, Food and drink. At the bar or café. 2, Food and drink. At the bar or café. 3, Food and drink. At the bar or café. 4, Getting around. General phrases, Getting around. Train and bus, Getting around by taxi, Getting around by car, Health, Household items, Money, Months of the year, Numbers. 1 to 10, Numbers. 11 to 20, Numbers. 30 to 1000, Parts of the body, Places and buildings. 1, Places and buildings. 2, Question and size words, Somewhere to stay. 1, Somewhere to stay. 2, Somewhere to stay. 3, The house, Words to do with food. General, Words to do with food. Fruit, Words to do with food. Meat, Words to do with food. Vegetables.


Catalan Phrases ordered by topic.

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