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Sardinian (sardu logudoresu) is spoken on the island of Sardinia Sardegna, and is considered to be the closest sounding language to Latin.

There are two main dialects of Sardinian: Campidanese (spoken in the south of Sardinia) and Logudorese (spoken in the north of Sardinia). There are further but less widely spoken dialects such as Gallurese and Sassarese.

Logudoro (from which Logudorese takes its name) is the northern region of the island. Logudorese Sardinian Limba Sarda Comuna was adopted as the standard form of Sardinian by the government of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia in 2006.

Basic Sardianian Phrases Learn

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These phrases are in the Campidanese dialect.

Basic Sardianian Phrases Learn

These phrases are in the Logudorese dialect.

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Sample text in Sardinian

The extract from Su printzipeddu the Little Prince is written in Logudorese Sardinian.

Ah! su printzipe', giai nche l'apo cumpresa, a bellu a bellu, sa vida trista tua. Tue no aias tentu àteru disvagu, pro tempus meda, si non sa durcura de su sole cando si nche corcat. Deo apo cumpresu custu particulare nou, sa de bator dies, a mangianu, cando m'as naradu: "M'agradant meda sas iscurigadas".

Oh, little prince! Bit by bit I came to understand the secrets of your sad little life. For a long time you had found your only entertainment in the quiet pleasure of looking at the sunset. I learned that new detail on the morning of the fourth day, when you said to me: I am very fond of sunsets.

The Lords Prayer in Sardinian

The first version is in the Logudoresu Logudorese dialect and the second in Campidanesu Campidanese. Additional versions exist on the wiki.

Babbu nostru (Logudoresu)

Babbu nostru chi ses in sos chelos,
santificadu siat su nomene tou,
benzat su regnu tou, siat fatta sa voluntade tua,
comente in chelu gai in terra.
Dae nos su pane nostru 'e cada die,
perdona nos sos pecados nostros,
comente nois perdonamus a sos depidores,
e no nos lessas ruere in sa tentascione,
libera nos dae su male.

Babbu nostru (Campidanesu)

Babbu nostu chi ses in is celus siat,
santificau su nòmini tuu,
bengiat s'arrènnu tuu, siat fatta sa boluntadi tua,
cumenti in celu aici in terra.
Su pani nostu fitianu dona-nosi oi
e perdona-nosi is deppidus nostus
comenti nosu ddus perdonaus a is deppidoris nostus,
no nosi indusis in tentatzioni ma libera-nosi de su mali.

See the Lords prayer in Italian for a comparison with Italian, and other romance languages: Corsican French, Galician, Portuguese.

Basic Sardinian lesson


The phrases in the Campidanese dialect, and are based on this youtube entry.

Linguistics.byu.edu has an interesting article on Sardinian dialects.

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