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Manx (Gaelg or Manx Gaelic) is a celtic language from the goidelic group with several hundred fluent speakers on the Isle of Man. It is descended from Old Irish (Old Gaelic).

One point of particular interest is that it hab been brought back from extinction after the death of the last native speaker Ned Maddrell in 1974.

This raises an interesting philosophical question as to when a language becomes extinct and what this actually means, and whether or if Manx could have been considered extinct. Even after the death of Ned Maddrell, there were still a few heritage speakers of Manx and it could be said that they carried the torch for the language.

Regardless the revival of the Manx language is going from strength to strength.

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The Lords Prayer in Manx

Ayr ain t'ayns niau,
casherick dy row dt'ennym;
dy jig dty reeriaght;
dt'aigney dy row jeant,
er y thalloo, myr te ayns niau.
Cur dooin nyn arran jiu as gagh laa.
As leih dooin nyn loghtyn,
myr ta shin leih dauesyn ta jannoo loghtyn nyn oi.
As ny leeid shin ayns miolaght;
agh livrey shin veih olk.
Son lhiat's y reeriaght,
y phooar as y ghloyr,
son dy bragh as dy bragh

The audio (as spoken by Ned Maddrell) can be heard on Learn Manx. See the Lords prayer in Welsh for a comparison with one of the brittonic languages.



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