Celtic languages

The celtic languages are a group of languages descended from proto-celtic (and a branch of the indo-Europoean language family).

These languages were spoken over a wide area of Europe from Britain and Spain to the Balkans. Not much is known of the celtic of that era. The primary sources for reconstruction (of proto-celtic) come from the literature of Middle Welsh (e.g. the Mabinogion dating back to 1350) and Old Irish (e.g. the Cambrai Homily).

The celtic languages are divided into two groups: Brittonic and Goidelic. Britonnic (or British Celtic languages) are all descended from the root language Common Britonnic spoken in Britain and Brittany.


Breton, Cornish, Cumbric, Welsh

Goidelic (gaelic languages)

Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Manx