The 200 most common Polish words with audio

These are 200 of the most frequently used words in spoken Polish split into groups of 10 in approximate frequency order.

The audio was recorded by a native Polish speaker with a neutral accent.

Notes on the word order

The list and word order is only approximate. See common word lists for the reasons.

More specifically Polish is a highly inflected language so a noun such as 'pan' (gentleman) will have different forms: 'pan', 'pana', 'panu', 'panem' .. depending on its position in a sentence.

The same is the case with possessives such as 'twój' (your) which has forms including 'twoye', 'twojego', 'twojemu', 'twoim' and which agree in gender, number and case with the object. E.g. 'moja siostra' (my sister), 'mój brat' (my brother) or 'moi bracia' (my brothers)

In order to make the list more useful the original frequency list was edited to remove possessives, similar gramatical units and words duplicated on account of case endings.

So, for example, if 'dom' and 'domu' appear within the frequence list only 'dom' would be included.

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