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The Croatian Days of the Week

And now you have learnt and can recite the days of the week from Monday ponedjeljak to Friday petak.

But maybe you actually want to be able to use one of these days in a sentence, and to do so, you need to learn a bit about Croatian grammar.

When you want to talk about on such and such a day in Croatian, you have to use the preposition u followed by the appropriate day of the week in the accusative case.

Luckily this is straight-forward for the days. The accusative ending depends on the noun gender. Four of the days of the week are masculine, with the happy result that the ending doesn't change in the accusative singular. The others srijeda 'Wednesday', subota 'Saturday' and nedjelja 'Sunday' are feminine. The ending changes from an a to a u.

ponedjeljak 'Monday' → u ponedjeljak 'On Monday'.

utorak 'Tuesday' → u utorak 'On Tuesday'.

srijeda 'Wednesday' → u srijeda 'On Wednesday'.

četvrtak 'Thursday' → u četvrtak 'On Thursday'.

petak 'Friday' → u petak 'On Friday'.

subota 'Saturday' → u subotu 'On Saturday'.

nedjelja 'Sunday' → u nedjelja 'On Sunday'.

Some of these inevitably will crop up in the frequency based Croatian sentences.

There are also many more Croatian holiday phrases covering different situations.

After the day, you may well be interested in learning the Months of the year.


This youtube clip with the title U tjednu sedam dana ima 'There are seven days in the week' is of a Croatian song. It is written for children, and help to teach them the days of the week and the order in which they are recited.

As well as the days, you will hear U tjednu sedam dana ima repeated, and it's perfect for us Croatian language learners.

This is another youtube video designed for Croatian children. In Croatian, it's called Dani u tjendu, which translates to 'the Days of the Week'. Even if you only understand the days themselves, youtube videos like this are incredibly effective ways to accustomise you to the sounds of the language.

Croatian holiday phrases

Croatian phrases ordered by topic.

A few first words. 1, A few first words. 2, Bathroom. Items found in the bathroom, Bedroom. Items found in the bedroom, Buying things. General phrases, Buyings things. Useful words, Countries, Communication problems, Conversation. Introductions, Conversation. Small talk. 1, Conversation. Small talk. 2, Conversation. Filler words, Conversation. Small talk. Sport, Conversation. Small talk. The weather, Days. General, Days of the week and seasons, Describing things. Colours, Describing things. Adjectives, Directions. 1, Directions. 2, Eating items, Eating phrases. 1, Eating phrases. 2, Emergencies, Family, Food and drink. General phrases, Food and drink. At the bar or café. 1, Food and drink. At the bar or café. 2, Food and drink. At the bar or café. 3, General phrases, Getting around. General phrases, Getting around. Train and bus, Getting around by taxi, Getting around by car, Health, Household items, Money, Numbers. 1 to 10, Numbers. 11 to 20, Numbers. 30 to 1000, Parts of the body, Places and buildings. 1, Places and buildings. 2, Question and size words, Sightseeing, Somewhere to stay. 1, Somewhere to stay. 2, Special occasions, Time, The house, Useful words, Useful words to recognize, Words to do with food. General, Words to do with food. Fruit, Words to do with food. Meat, Vegetables.