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Getting Directions in Croatian

If you want are trying to get around, or get lost, then it helps if you can ask for directions, and understand the replies.

There is no point, or need in being too fancy, when you are asking for directions.

The simplest way to ask for directions in Croatian is Gdje je ..? 'Where is ..?', and add the place you are looking for.

Obviously, you need to be able to understand the answers, but the best you can hope for when survival level Croatian, is too learn a few possible replies to directions and listen out for them.

You could also ask Mogu li pješke do tamo? 'Is it far?' and listen out for the answer Da 'yes' or Ne 'no'.

It is not unusual to ask for directions when visiting cities like Split or Dubrovnik. As the commonly visited areas on the tourist trail are relatively small, a response may well include pointing.


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