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Belarusian (also known as white Russian) has between 6 and 9 million speakers in Belarus and surrounding countries.

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The Belarusian alphabet is written in a version of cyrillic. Surface Languages allows you to learn either using Cyrliic or by using a romanized version of the Belarusian aplhabet.

Belarusian has historically been written using the Latin (and arabic) alphanets. Łacinka is the common name of the several historical alphabets used to write Belarusian (Cyrillic) text in Latin or romanized script. Łacinka is similar to the Sorbian alphabet, incorporating features of the Polish and Czech alphabets including diacritics such as ś and ż.

Belarusian is closely related to Russian and distinguished by a characteristic sound pattern and large numbers of Polish loan words.

Most (almost all?) Belarussians also speak Russian fluently - perhaps in a way comparable to the use of Welsh in Wales.

Belarusian holiday phrases

A few first words. 1, A few first words. 2, Buying things. General phrases, Colours, Countries, Communication problems, Conversation. Introductions, Conversation. Small talk. 1, Conversation. Small talk. The weather, Days of the week, Directions. 1, Directions. 2, Eating phrases, Emergencies, Family, Food and drink. 1, Food and drink. 2, Food and drink. 3, Fruit and Vegetables, Getting around. 1, Getting around. 2, Months of the year, Numbers. 1 to 10, Numbers. 11 to 20, Numbers. 20 to 100, Parts of the body, Sightseeing, Somewhere to stay, Telling the time, Words to do with food. General.


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