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Azerbaijani (Azeri) is one of the Turkic languages spoken in Azerbaijan (Republic of Azerbaijan), Dagestan, Iran and Iraq with around 30 million speakers. There are two main dialects: North (the official language of Azerbaijan) and South (widely spoken in Iran), and the phrases on this page are from the north.

The alphabet used for writing Azerbaijani differs depending on whether it is used in Azerbaijan, Iran, Dagestan, or Iraq. The Latin alphabet is used in the Republic of Azerbaijan (although in the past both Perso-Arabic alphabet and Cyrillic alphabets have been used), the Persian-Arabic alphabet in Iran and Iraq and the cyrillic alpbabet in Dagestan.

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Sample text in Azerbaijani

This sample is written in cyrillic (as is used in Dagestan).

An extract from a Azerbaijani version of the Little Prince translated by David De Angelis.

Балаcа Шащзадя

Алты йашым оланда, кечилмяз мешядян данышан “Олмуш ящвалатлар” адлы китабда, яъаиб вя гяраиб бир шякил эюрдцм. Бу шякилдя йыртыъы щейваны удан яфи бир илан тясвир олунмушду. Bудур шяклин суряти:

A long time ago, when I was six years old, in a book about primeval forests, called 'True Stories from Nature', I saw a magnificant drawing. It was a picture of a boa constrictor in the act of swallowing an animal. Here is a copy of the drawing.

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