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Turkmen is a Turkic language spoken in Turkmenistan by just over 5 million people, and also in regions of Iran and Afghanistan.

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The days and months in Turkmen were renamed in 2002, and chosen according to Turkmen national symbols. These new names for days and months were in use until 2008 when the goverment decided to revert to the original days and months. There is more information on the new days and months on the wiki page on the renaming Turkmen months and days.

The new days were Başgün, Ýaşgün, Hoşgün, Sogapgün, Annagün, Ruhgün, Dynçgün, and the months were Türkmenbaşy, Baýdak, Nowruz, Gurbansoltan, Magtymguly, Oguz, Gorkut, Alp Arslan, Ruhnama, Garaşsyzlyk, Sanjar, Bitaraplyk.

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