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Mauritian Creole is spoken in Mauritius along with French and English by around one million people.

It is a French based Creole, and much of Mauritian Creole vocabulary is of French origin.

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The Lords Prayer in Mauritian Creole

Nou Papa

Nou Papa lao dan lesiel,
ki to nom sanktifie.
Fer to regn vini
realiz to volonte
lor later kouma dan lesiel.
Donn nou azordi dipin ki nou bizin.
Pardonn nou nou bann pese,
parey kouma nou pardonn bann ki finn ofans nou.
Pa les nou tom dan tantasion
Me tir nou dan lemal.
Si zot pardonn lezot zot fot, zot Papa dan lesiel pou pardonn zot osi,
15me si zot pa pardonn lezot, zot Papa osi pa pou pardonn zot fot

Sample video in Mauritian Creole

The text spoken by Yolanda Rios in her video (above) (as an example of Mauritian Creole in writing). There is no standard orthography.

Dan Maurice nou coze france, Angle ek Creole. Nou en zoli ti zilfnou ena ban zoli la plaze. Vin vizit nou.

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Phrases from Ile Maurice Officielle.

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