Estonian Phrases for the shops
Buying Things. General phrases
Language: Estonian
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English Estonian
I want to buy .. Ma tahan osta ..
I'm just looking Ma lihtsalt vaatan ringi
It's too expensive See on liiga kallis
Do you accept credit cards? Kas te aktsepteeride krediitkaarte?
That's all, thanks Aitah, see on kõik
It is faulty See on defektne
Will you change it? Kas te vahetate selle välja?
I'd like a refund Ma tahan oma raha tagasi
I would like to try this on Ma tahaksin seda selga proovida
Do you have a larger size? Kas teil on suuremat suurust?
Do you have a smaller size? Kas teil on väiksemat suurust?
Do you have another colour? Kas teil on teisi värve?