General Bulgarian phrases for when you are staying in a hotel
Somewhere to stay. 2
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English Bulgarian
It is too expensive Mnogo e skŭpo
Have you got something cheaper? Imate li neshto po-evtino?
Is there air conditioning? Imate li klimatik?
The air conditioning is not working Klimatikŭt ne raboti
Will you give me an extra pillow? Bikhte li mi dali dopŭlnitelna vŭzglavnitsa?
Can I have some toilet paper? Moje li da mi dadete toaletna khartiya?
Can I pay by credit card? Moga li da platya c kreditna karta?
Can I pay by traveller's cheque? Moga li da platya c chek?
There's a mistake in the bill Ima greshka v smetkata
We've enjoyed our stay Prestoyat li tuk beshe priyaten