Bulgarian Phrases. Emergencies
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English Bulgarian
Where is the toilet, please? Kŭde e toaletnata, molya?
Where is the hospital? Kŭde e bolnitsata?
I need a Doctor Imam nuzhda
I am lost Izgubikh se
There has been an accident Imame katastrofa
I need help Imam nuzhda
Help! Pomosht
Leave me alone! Ostavi me na mira!
I have lost my passport Izgubikh si pasporta
I have lost my money Izgubikh si parite
I have lost my wallet Izgubikh si portmoneto
I have lost my handbag Izgubikh si damskata chanta
I have lost my aeroplane ticket Izgubikh si
Call the police! Obadi ce na politsiyata!
Call an ambulance! Izvikay lineyka!