Test yourself on Welsh words for Fruit

Test yourself on Welsh fruits:)

So as a Welsh learner at first blush, you might think that you never need to learn the Welsh words for fruit or maybe if you do, you learn them further on in your Welsh language journey.

But if you ever go to the supermarket (and you live in Wales), they are almost free vocabulary to learn. If you decide to read the Welsh and not the English when you shop, these words become easy to practice.

And then of course you can test yourself on this page. And tell your friends;)

And if you don't live in Wales? Well, it is still a good idea because you will be in the fruit aisle won't you? It's important to eat your five a day ...

And each time that you are in the fruit aisle, try and name a couple in Welsh. If you can't and if you need a refresher, have a look at fruit words.

See also the names of Vegetables in Welsh, general food words, and holiday phrases.