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Croatian Numbers. 1-10

Test yourself on the Numbers 1 to 10, the href="../numbers/game/Numbers.html?back=true">Numbers 1 to 20, or learn the Numbers 11 to 20.

Croatian is a slavic language with a complicated grammar, and it will come as no great surprise to anyone who has studied slavic languages that the numbers can present a confusing picture to the uninitiated.

This is a very basic outline of some of the most important number related points.

Number one

Note the cunning play on words;) Point number one is course the Croatian number one jedan.

Number one behaves like an adjective meaning that it changes its ending depending on the gender of the noun being counted.

jedan stol 'one table'

jedan Englez 'one Englishman'

jedna Engleskinja 'one Englishwoman'

jedna žena 'one woman'

jedno kazalište 'one theatre'

Number two

The Croatian number two has two forms again depending on the gender of the noun being counted. These are dva for for masculine and neuter nouns and dvije for feminine nouns.

Number 2,3 and 4

Numbers two, three and four dva, dvije, tri, četiri are followed by the genitive singular.

Numbers 5 to 20

The numbers from five to twenty are followed by the genitive plural.

This sentence shows the genitive plural after the number pet 'five'.

Među pjesmama je i pet dueta s vrlo talentiranim djevojčicama. In this case, dueta is the same for both the genitive singular and plural.

There is no escaping the fact that Croatian numbers are confusing, and that picking the correct ending takes a lot of practise. Luckily, you will generally be understood regardless of the ending that you use, so don't worry too much about precision at the beginning. This will come over time.