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Learn phrases in the Lithuanian language by selecting the phrases that you want to learn from the list. These cover a wide variety of Lithuanian topics, including the numbers in Lithuanian, days of the week in Lithuanian, Lithuanian greetings and the months in Lithuanian. The Lithuanian phrases have audio recorded by a native speaker.

Lithuanian language learning games

As well as the flashcards for the Lithuanian phrases on the right, there are additional learning games for colours, days, fruit, months, numbers and vegetables.

Test whether you know the difference between a obuolys, apelsinas, persikas and kriaušė, can count from vienas to dešimt and know purpurinė from geltona.


Lithuanian is one of the Baltic languages with somewhere between three and four million speakers. It is of particular interest to linguists as it is the Indo-European language that has changed the least since it split from Proto-Indo-European.

The Lithuanian Language

There are no articles in Lithuanian, so kriaušė can mean either 'a pear' or 'the pear'.

Nouns can be either masculine or feminine and have seven cases - depending on meaning, sentence position or possession. These are Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Instrumental, Locative and Vocative. Nouns have both singular and plural forms and decline in both.

Adjectives decline and agree in case, noun and gender with the noun.

Verbs are divided into conjugations depending whether the third person present ends in 'a', 'i' or 'o'. There are formal and informal verb froms - similar to French tu and vous.

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