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Hindi language learning games

As well as the flashcards for the Hindi phrases on the right, there are additional learning games for colours, days, fruit, months and numbers.

Test whether you know the difference between a kharabuza, aloobukhara, hlávkový salát and rajské jablíčko, can count from ek to das and know peelaa from naarangee.

Hindi Script

Hindi is written using the Devanagari script or alphabet.

The Hindi words and phrases on SurfaceLanguages are written using both the Devanagari script and a transliterated version. The transliteration attempts to match as closely as possible the sounds of the Hindi language with the roman alphabet.

The transliteration or romanized version of the script can be selected instead of Devanagari.


There are around 200 million speakers of Hindi. It is an indo-Aryan language spoken throughout India and evolved from dialects such as Braj amd Awadhi. The language can be traced further to middle indo-Aryan dialects (Prakrits a group literary languages.)

Grammatical Points

Nouns can be either masculine or feminine and there are no definite or indefinite articles. Possessives proceed the noun being described.

The basic order is Subject-Object-Verb. This can be seen in many of the Hindi expressions on SurfaceLanguages.

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